CodeIgniter's modules have been modified in order to setup a proper, development-ready environment which aims to be easy to use and as immediate as possible. Here follows a short list with relative explanation of what has been altered, in what way and why.


Here the most frequently used helpers are loaded.


The config.php file is critically important. Here the base URL was defined, along with the allowed URI characters.
Note: edit base_url on live server.


Custom definitions are necessary in order to speed up the development process. Project name, tile color and so on.


The thing here is pretty clear. Without the custom page routing and the error handler, the application could not even work.


This is the main master controller which handles the page files along with their configurations.

.\project-anon\application\pages\templates\ + \views\

Custom presets and pages. Really nothing more to say about this.


Custom assets. Front-end frameworks, libraries, fonts and so on. Still pretty clear.


Featuring pretty URLs, removing the index.php segment from the address.
Note: edit RewriteBase on live server.

.\project-anon\crossdomain.xml + robots.txt

These files are routine files. They come from HTML5 Boilerplate.


Generated file.

Further notes

Favicon/mobile management inspired by
Sitemap generated with Edit needed.

This table wants to collect the basics about all the modules that have been integrated and implemented in Project Anon.

Component Version Link
AnimateCSS 3.5.2
Bootstrap 3.3.7
CodeIgniter 3.1.4
HTML5 Boilerplate 5.3.0
HTML5 Shiv 3.7.3
Respond 1.4.2
jQuery 1.12.4